About the Olympiad
The International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad (IMChO) is a major international competition for secondary-school students in chemistry.

It started in the USSR as the All-Union Olympiad in Chemistry in 1967.

Now more than 30 countries participate in IMChO.

An international jury of leading chemical scientists around the world make up the exam problems for the Olympiad.

The main working languages of IMChO are Russian and English.

In 2020 the 54th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad will be conducted virtually. It will consist of two theoretical examination rounds.
13-18 July, 2020
All times Moscow (+ 3GMT)
13 July 2020
Opening ceremony
14 July 2020
1st theoretical examination round
15 July 2020
2nd theoretical examination round
17 July 2020
18 July 2020
Closing ceremony
Only one team of students from each country can participate.

For newly participating countries: to participate in the 54th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad, it is necessary to form a team of 4 students and 1 teacher and contact the Organizing Committee secretary Anastasia Pavlikova at pavlikova.msu@gmail.com.

Team leaders who have already participated in the IMChO will receive
an invitation by email.
For participants: pavlikova.msu@gmail.com
For media: chemistryofmsu@yandex.ru
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